Leadership team

The main role of our leadership team is to provide high level governance, policy and strategic decision-making. It is also responsible for driving risk management and monitoring our overall performance.

The team is made up of the Safety Director and leaders of the transport modes and corporate functions.

Safety Director

Head shot of David Hourigan

David Hourigan

Director, Transport Safety 

David Hourigan joined TSV as Director, Transport Safety in October 2015. Prior to that he held a number of senior roles within the Queensland Government's Department of Transport, and Department of Premier and Cabinet.

David has extensive experience in passenger transport and economic policy, and has led major policy programs, regulated industry sectors, and driven service delivery projects in consultation with the Federal Government, other state jurisdictions and the private sector.

As part of fulfilling the object of promoting transport safety standards, the Safety Director:

  • Advises and makes recommendations to the Minister for Ports and the Minister for Public Transport on transport safety matters
  • Promotes education, training and awareness in the transport industry and among the public about transport safety initiatives
  • Develops policy in relation to the administration of transport safety legislation.

Modal Directors

Head shot of Stephen TurnerStephen Turner

Director, Bus Safety

Stephen had a long career with the Royal Australian Navy in operational and policy roles. 

Before taking up his current role as Director Bus Safety at TSV, he was responsible for administering both rail and bus safety regulations. 

Prior to this, Stephen managed the Marine Safety Inspectorate and the Marine Pollution Response areas of Marine Safety Victoria.

The Director, Bus Safety and his team:

  • Manage bus accreditation/registration of bus operators (commercial and non-commercial) in Victoria
  • Assist bus operators to comply with bus safety legislation
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with bus safety legislation
  • Investigate bus safety incidents and accidents
  • Make recommendations to improve bus safety.

Head shot of Peter Corcoran

Peter Corcoran

Director, Maritime Safety

Peter joined TSV as Director, Maritime Safety in September 2011. Prior to that, he was the General Manager at the Victorian Taxi Directorate. 

He also spent six years at the former Marine Safety Victoria in a number of roles and previously worked as station leader of Davis Station for the Australian Antarctic Division and CEO for a Victorian alpine resort. 

Peter is passionate about maritime safety and is committed to reducing the number of people dying or seriously injured in boating related incidents.

The Director, Maritime Safety and his team regulate the interplay between the vessels, people and environment of Victoria's waterways. They:

  • Certify/register/licence maritime industry participants and vessels
  • Determine standards and procedures for navigation, maritime safety and the provision and maintenance of navigational aids on State waters
  • Collect and analyse marine safety data
  • Investigate marine incidents and accidents and implement appropriate action on the findings
  • Enforce and monitor compliance with prescribed standards and marine safety legislation
  • Commission and sponsor research in maritime safety matters
  • Make recommendations to improve maritime safety.

Jodie TaloneJodie Talone image

Director, Rail Safety

Jodie Talone joined TSV in June 2016 as the Director Rail Safety. Jodie came to TSV from Pacific National where she developed a strong knowledge of  both state and commonwealth safety and rail legislation through her focus on investigations, internal and  external audit and reporting on regulatory and safety management systems obligations.

She brings to TSV safety experience gained over 18 years in both the public and private sectors with a primary focus on transport and logistics (truck, bus and rail).

The Director, Rail Safety and her team:

  • Manage initial and ongoing accreditation of rail operators (heavy and light rail, passenger and freight)
  • Monitor compliance with and enforce rail safety legislation
  • Monitor and advise on mechanical, signal, track and civil engineering issues
  • Investigate non-compliance, and rail incidents and accidents
  • Gather and analyse rail safety data to identify trends
  • Make recommendations to improve rail safety.

Corporate Directors

Head shot of Matt d'Abbs

Matt d'Abbs

Director, Policy & Legal

Matt joined Transport Safety Victoria in 2012, after working in the former Department of Transport's Legal Regulatory Policy and Legislation Branch for three years. 

Before working in government, Matt spent 15 years working in commercial maritime industry in the fishing and marine tourism sectors.

Matt and the Policy & Legal team are responsible for providing a range of policy, legal and governance support services to TSV's business units, including:

  • Advice and assistance regarding general administrative law matters, permissioning, administrative decision making and compliance and enforcement issues
  • Advice on regulatory policy and regulatory reform
  • Governance oversight of delegations, authorisations and appointments
  • Advice on compliance with public sector governance obligations
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, memoranda of understanding, confidentiality deeds and other agreements
  • Coordination of liaison with the Coroners Court
  • Coordination of requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982
  • Training and facilitating dialogue on governance, regulatory theory and legal issues
  • Advice and representation for proceedings before tribunals, courts and other bodies
  • Policy advice on the national transport safety reform agenda.

Cathy Daly

Cathy Daly

Manager, People and Culture

Cathy joined Transport Safety Victoria as the Manager People and Culture in 2011, and has over 17 years experience in all areas of human resources across both government and private sector organisations.

Cathy has worked in HR in Australia and the UK. Prior to joining TSV, Cathy spent 2.5 years at the Country Fire Authority as the Manager HR Services.

Cathy and the People and Culture team play a vital role in helping to build and maintain a sustainable, resilient and capable workforce. In doing so the team provides support and advice across TSV on:

  • Change management
  • Workforce planning
  • Attraction and recruitment
  • Reward and recognition
  • Performance management
  • Staff development
  • Induction
  • OHS
  • Employee relations.

Head shot of Rosa Costanzo

Rosa Costanzo

Manager, Business Services

Rosa Costanzo has more than 20 years' experience in commonwealth and state public sector management, especially in corporate services and business planning.

As our Business Services Manager, Rosa is responsible for the sound governance and administration of a publicly funded regulator. One of her key roles is ensuring an efficient administrative relationship between TSV and the Department of Economic Development.

Rosa and her team lead:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Financial and records management
  • IT and business systems performance
  • TSV's compliance with public sector risk management, audit, probity and reporting standards.

Janet MillerJanet Miller

Acting Manager, Strategic Communications

Janet has more than 20 years' experience as a communications professional in government (local, state and federal), legal and not-for-profit sectors.

Prior to joining TSV, she was the media manager for the Family Court of Australia.

Janet and her team of communications experts play a lead role in our engagement with stakeholders, managing:

  • Communications advice to TSV staff
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Stakeholder issues and risks
  • Media relations
  • Online communications
  • Producing publications and marketing materials
  • Corporate and campaign advertising
  • Graphic design and printing services
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Possible parliamentary questions and ministerial briefings and correspondence