Application process for bus accreditation

This page explains how you can apply to become an accredited bus operator in Victoria.

The bus operator accreditation application form can be downloaded below in PDF or Word format. You can complete the form online, save it to your computer and email to us. Alternatively you can print the completed form and return it to us by the method of your choice using the details provided in the form.

Supporting documents

Your application form must be accompanied with supporting evidence that demonstrates your competence and capacity to safely operate a commercial or local bus service.

A checklist of what is required is provided on page 5 of the application form. More information is also provided on the Methods of demonstrating competence page.

Before you submit your application, contact the bus accreditation and registration team to clarify what supporting evidence you are required to submit.

Refusing bus operator accreditation

Accreditation may be refused if the applicant or relevant person:

  • Has been found guilty of a tier 1 offence
  • Has previously had accreditation cancelled
  • Is insolvent, in receivership, under administration or winding up.

Deemed accredited bus operators

If your bus services was accredited under Part 2 of the Public Transport Competition Act 1995 (Vic) that ceased on 31 December 2010, you are now deemed to be accredited under Part 4 of the Bus Safety Act 2009.

If you hold a 'deemed accreditation' and intend to operate a bus service after 31 December 2015, you must become accredited under the Bus Safety Act 2009 on or before 31 December 2015.

Contact us if you: 

  • Have not received any correspondence from BSV
  • Are a new bus operator
  • Would like to receive an information pack that provides guidance about the bus operator accreditation application process
  • If you have any accessibility requirements or trouble downloading the form.

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