Safety alerts

Safety alert - door sensitive edge

22 July 2016

On 8 June 2016, a passenger sustained serious injuries as a result of becoming trapped in the rear door of a route bus and dragged for approximately 20 metres.

Risk of fire in roof mounted bus air conditioning unit

18 August 2015

On 24 May 2015, a fire started in the roof void area of a bus and quickly spread destroying the bus.

Risk of fire in the engine compartment of buses

13 May 2015

On 3 April 2014 a fire occurred in the engine compartment of a route service bus.

Risk of failure to brake actuators fitted to Hyundai buses

27 March 2015

The fractures have been located along the threaded section of the mounting tube which may be obscured by the locking nut.

Risk of school bus lights overheating

31 January 2015

Results of an investigation into a recent bus incident in which smoke was observed coming from the rear of a school bus.

Risk of wheels dislodging from axles

11 April 2013

In the past seven months we have received three bus incident notifications relating to dislodged wheels.

Risk of fire in engine compartment of Mercedes Benz bus

15 November 2012

On 21 September 2012 a fire occurred in the engine compartment of a Mercedes Benz bus, model 0405NH.

Risk of fire in bus engine compartment

20 July 2011

On 16 May 2011, a fire developed in the engine compartment of a bus.

Risks associated with working under a bus

11 August 2010

The Coroners Court of Victoria has investigated an incident that occurred in Victoria on 26 August 2008, in which an experienced workshop foreman died while conducting repairs on a bus that had broken down on the road.