Lessons Learnt

We explore the Lessons Learnt from real-life maritime incidents, be they lucky escapes or fatal accidents

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Lessons Learnt: Capsize at Geelong's Grain Pier

13 April 2017

Geelong Port by VRCA

A recent incident shows how quickly a situation can change, and how important it is to have your safety gear to hand.

Lessons Learnt: Dad shares beacon of hope

1 February 2017

Western Port Bay by Parks Vic 

A family fishing trip went awry, but the well-prepared skipper was able to call for help and launch a speedy rescue.

Lessons Learnt: Trio lost at sea

8 November 2016

Offshore winds image 

Three men went boating in Port Phillip Bay, but drowned after their boat capsized.

Lessons Learnt: Anglesea angels of the sea

3 October 2016

Anglesea kayak rescue 

On Tuesday 3 May 2016, secondary school students from  Warrnambool were kayaking at Anglesea beach. Visibility was clear and the temperature was mild, however wind was blowing offshore at an average speed of 30 knots, gusting to more than 50 knots.