Notice to Mariners - Port Fairy

4 November 2015

Deployment of cardinal marker buoys at Talyors Bay, Port Fairy. Effective immediately.

No. 199 (TEMPORARY) of 2015

DATE: 27 OCTOBER 2015. Effective immediately

Mariners are advised that two temporary cardinal mark buoys will be established approximately 6km west of Port Fairy in the vicinity of Taylors Bay. The buoys are expected to remain in position until June 2017.

North Cardinal Mark Buoy

Light Colour: White
Light Characteristic: Q
Range:  3-5 M
Day mark: two black cones one above the other, points upward
Buoy: Cylindrical
Colour: Black above yellow
Location: 38° 23.824' S / 142° 10.360' E  

South Cardinal Mark Buoy

Light Colour: White 
Light Characteristic: Q6 +LFI W 15 s
Range: 3-5 M
Day mark: two black cones one above the other, points downwards
Buoy: Cylindrical
Colour Black below yellow
Location: 38° 23.986' S / 142° 10.360' E  

Under section 211(1) (b) (i) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) persons and the navigation and other movement of vessels within 100 metres of any vessel detailed in Table 1 is prohibited, excluding persons and vessels involved in the deployment of two cardinal mark buoys.

Table 1

MSV 11113MV Regardless
MSV 11928Lila Ray
MSV 12196Jazz 1

AUS Charts and publications affected:

  • AUS 349

Victorian Charts and Publications affected:

  • Nil

Further notice:

  • A further Notice will be issued advising of the withdrawal of the buoys in 2017

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