Consultation: Trial exemption for low-powered paddle craft

16 March 2017

In 2016 the Red Tape Commissioner requested the Director, Transport Safety (Safety Director) to review the requirements applicable to kayaks and canoes fitted with low-powered electric motors. 

The Red Tape Commissioner noted that in other eastern states certain low-powered vessels are either exempt from registration and licensing requirements or these requirements do not apply. The Safety Director subsequently undertook a review into these requirements.

This consultation paper has been prepared to seek feedback on a proposed trial exemption from vessel registration and marine licensing requirements for owners and masters of low-powered electric paddle craft.

The views and comments received from stakeholders in response to this paper will be taken into consideration in deciding whether to proceed with the trial and in determining its scope and duration.

Low-powered electric paddlecraft image 

As Victoria's maritime safety regulator, Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) is seeking feedback on the questions set out in this document as well as any other general comments interested parties may have in relation to the proposed trial.

Download the consultation paper as a pdf or accessible Word document, ways to provide feedback are included: