GPS verification marks

Maritime Safety Victoria is installing global positioning system (GPS) satellite navigation validation signs at a number of public boat ramps and jetties along the Victorian Coast and Port Phillip Bay.

At the GPS validation sign locations, mariners or owners of portable GPS units can validate their position and map datum settings.

The signs are installed as either standalone signs or incorporated into boating safety information signs.

What they look like

GPS sign example 

How to use them

  • Manoeuvre your GPS unit as close to the sign as possible. These signs are located as either stand alone signs or incorporated into boating safety information signs allowing you to position your vessel close to them.
  • As part of your launch preparations, turn on your GPS system to compare the sign coordinates to those displayed on your screen ( Keep in mind that a GPS system does take a little time to initialise before displaying accurate co ordinate)
  • Ensure that your GPS unit is tracking at least five satellites and is set to the correct coordinate type (LAT/LONG) and datum (WGS84/GDA94).
  • Make sure your GPS unit display coordinates match the surveyed coordinates of the sign. Agreement with the coordinates shown on the sign should be possible to within 15 metres or 0.008 minutes.
  • Variations as to the information on the sign and what is displayed on the screen may be due to a number of factors such as proximity to the sign, quality of the receiver, placement of the GPS unit.

How to compare sign coordinates to your GPS display

GPS guide 

If your navigation equipment displays a significant variance to the position displayed, check that your system is using a base datum of either WGS84 or GDA94. This information should appear during system start up or on a system settings/information screen.

If your system is using the correct datum and still shows an inaccuracy of greater than 0.01 of a minute (see illustration above) you should contact the product manufacturer or retailer for advice.

During the rollout of GPS signs, we will list sign locations here as they are installed. For GPS sign and other maritime updates follow our Facebook page Boat Safe Ride Safe.