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Shipshape: Boating Safety News - April 2017

> Lessons Learnt: Capsize at Geelong's Grain Pier
> PWC riders: Ride right or pay the price
> Summer safety survey
> Binned beacons cause false alarms
> Paddling safety in numbers
> Display trailer angling for safety 

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - January 2017

> Lessons Learnt: Dad shares beacon of hope
> The Age reports on MSV paddle death findings
> Safety authorities urge paddlers to steer clear of alcohol
> Support our safety campaign
> 2015-16 annual statistics released

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - December 2016

> Gearing up for summer safety 
> Water Safety Week 2016
> New marine licence practice test launch
> Safe and accessible Victorian waterways consultation
> New VicEmergency app launched
> Operation South End hits the heads 

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - October 2016

> Lessons Learnt: Trio lost at sea 
> Talking Fishing with our man Marty
> Top tips for boaters and a new weather app
> Get set for the snapper season

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - September 2016

> Lessons Learnt: Anglesea angels of the sea 
> Calling all paddlers! Want to win a PLB?
> Free safety checks for boating community
> Take a rain check on boating on floodwaters
> New safety signs in time for summer