Safety alerts

Safety alerts provide information for boaters in response to incidents and hazards

Recent alerts from Maritime Safety Victoria are listed below. View Notices to Mariners

Safety Alert: Dangers of paddling in offshore winds

16 September 2016

An investigation into a kayaking incident at Anglesea surf beach found that strong offshore wind prevented paddlers from being able to paddle back to shore.

Safety Alert: Hazards on inland waterways

14 January 2016

There is an increased danger of collision with submerged objects and debris in lowering waters. 

Safety Alert: New definition of Port Phillip Heads

23 December 2015

Additional safety measures are imposed on vessels in designated hazardous areas, including mandatory PFD wearing.

Safety Alert: Incident sparks boat fire warning

31 March 2015

Boaters are advised to check their electrical and fuel systems following a serious fire-related incident on Lake Eildon.