Regulatory approach

As an independent regulator, our role is to maintain public confidence in bus, rail and maritime safety across Victoria.

We do this by targeting specific, identified safety problems to reduce incidents resulting in death and serious injury. Accordingly, compliance and enforcement activities are driven by the public interest in safe bus, maritime and rail transport and marine recreation in Victoria and are aimed at maximising:

  1. Duty-holders' understanding of their legislative obligations
  2. Duty-holders' voluntary and consistent compliance with these obligations
  3. A positive safety culture across the bus, maritime and rail sectors.

To minimise regulatory burden while maximising public value for regulatory resources we take a graduated approach of compliance and enforcement. This is guided by our Regulatory Approach Policy.

Download the policy in PDF or Word format. If you have trouble downloading the documents or have any accessibility requirements please contact us. 

In many cases, this means providing information, guidance and education in the first instance. This approach also recognises that in many cases, the use of one tool will not, on its own, achieve the desired outcome.

Compliance and enforcement activities are undertaken by maritime safety officers, bus safety officers and rail safety officers - collectively known as transport safety officers. They are supported by other TSV staff who undertake compliance activities.