Transport safety officers

Compliance and enforcement activities are undertaken by maritime safety officers, bus safety officers and rail safety officers (collectively known as TSOs). They are supported by other TSV staff who undertake compliance activities.

TSOs are trained to monitor compliance and, if necessary, take enforcement action where breaches of relevant transport safety or infrastructure laws are observed. We do not impose specific targets or quotas on TSO compliance and enforcement activities. Remedial action is only undertaken when deemed necessary.

External transport safety officers (Maritime)

To enhance our ability to undertake compliance and enforcement activities across Victoria's waterways, enforcement staff of other government agencies are appointed as TSOs, including:

Before being appointed as an external TSO, individuals are required to demonstrate that they are suitably qualified, trained and have a sound understanding of the responsibilities and limitations of the role that they are appointed to undertake.

External TSOs are delegated a limited range of powers dependent on a variety of factors, including the nature of the issues and risks on their waterway and their employing organisation's degree of activity as a waterway manager. This ensures that they only have the powers necessary to undertake compliance functions relevant to the activities being undertaken on the waterways they manage.

In relation to the commercial vessel fleet, the focus of external TSOs activities is on compliance with waterway rules.