About Transport Safety Victoria

The Transport Integration Act 2010 (Vic) established the independent statutory office of the Director, Transport Safety on 1 July 2010 and integrated the former Marine Safety Victoria and Public Transport Safety Victoria to form Transport Safety Victoria.

Our primary objective is to seek the highest bus safety and marine safety standards that are reasonably practicable, consistent with the transport system's vision and objectives under the Act. We achieve this by:

  • Administering bus safety and marine safety legislation
  • Licensing, registering and accrediting operators and other industry participants
  • Monitoring the bus safety and marine safety industries’ and participants' systems for managing safety risks
  • Monitoring compliance with bus safety and marine safety legislation
  • Taking enforcement action as appropriate to promote safety outcomes in Victoria.

We also:

  • Investigate and report on bus safety and marine safety matters
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the Minister for Ports and the Minister for Public Transport on bus safety and marine safety issues
  • Promote awareness and inform and educate on bus safety and marine safety issues, including through practical guidance and training
  • Collect, analyse and report on safety data and safety science
  • Develop policy relating to the administration of bus safety and marine safety legislation
  • Represent Victoria in national reform issues, including the Council of Australian Governments' national marine safety regulation agendas
  • Maintain constructive relationships with stakeholders in government, industry and the wider community on bus safety and marine safety issues.

Transport system policy framework

We work within the transport system policy framework that applies to the whole of the transport portfolio under the Act.

The safety regulation we undertake plays a key part in achieving the transport system's vision of 'having an integrated and sustainable transport system that contributes to a prosperous, inclusive, and environmentally responsible State'.

As a transport safety agency under the portfolio, we also consider the objectives and decision-making principles required under the Act when making decisions or exercising powers and functions.