Executive Board

The main role of our executive board is to provide high level governance, policy and strategic decision-making. It is also responsible for driving risk management and monitoring our overall performance.

The team is made up of the Safety Director and leaders of the transport modes and corporate functions.

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Safety Director

Cameron Toy
Director, Transport Safety

Cameron Toy was appointed Director, Transport Safety in January 2021.

Cameron had previously been Director, Maritime Safety since November 2019.

As part of fulfilling the object of promoting transport safety standards, the Safety Director:

  • Advises and makes recommendations to the Minister for Ports and the Minister for Public Transport on transport safety matters
  • Promotes education, training and awareness in the transport industry and among the public about transport safety initiatives
  • Develops policy in relation to the administration of transport safety legislation.

Modal Directors

Head shot of Lisa Faldon

Lisa Faldon
Director, Bus Safety

Lisa was appointed Director, Bus Safety in November 2019 after acting in the role from October 2018.

At TSV, Lisa has also been Acting Director, Maritime Safety and in recent years the Manager of Research, Strategy and Risk.

Since working in the area of bus regulation Lisa has gained a heightened appreciation of the bus industry, its networks, its grass roots traditions, and the pride that drivers and operators take in getting people home safely.

Lisa works to ensure that all operators from the small-scale owner operators to international transport companies, are meeting their responsibilities to their passengers for the safety of their service.

With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA), Lisa combines her academic acumen with data-based evidence to provide practical results-driven guidance on Victoria’s bus fleet safety.

The Director, Bus Safety and team:

  • Manage bus accreditation/registration of bus operators (commercial and non-commercial) in Victoria
  • Assist bus operators to comply with bus safety legislation
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with bus safety legislation
  • Investigate bus safety incidents and accidents
  • Make recommendations to improve bus safety.

Head shot of Shaun Rodenburg

Shaun Rodenburg
Director, Maritime Safety

In June 2021 Shaun moved into the role from his position as TSV’s Director of Operations. Prior to that, he was Director, Bus Safety.

He began his career in the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and went on to 15 years in state and federal regulation.

During his time at TSV, Shaun has been involved in reviewing marine safety legislation and related decisions – and will expand on this work in his new role.

The Director, Maritime Safety and team regulate the interplay between the vessels, people and environment of Victoria's waterways. They:

  • Certify/register/licence maritime industry participants and vessels
  • Determine standards and procedures for navigation, maritime safety and the provision and maintenance of navigational aids on State waters
  • Collect and analyse marine safety data
  • Investigate marine incidents and implement appropriate action on the findings
  • Enforce and monitor compliance with prescribed standards and marine safety legislation
  • Provide information, communications and guidance to increase maritime safety awareness
  • Commission and sponsor research in maritime safety matters
  • Make recommendations to improve maritime safety.

Head shot of Laura McDonough

Laura McDonough
Director of Operations

Laura is also TSV's General Counsel.

The Director of Operations and team are responsible for:

  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Policy & Governance
  • Business Services
  • People & Culture
  • Research, Strategy & Risk
  • Communications

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