Executive board

The main role of our executive board is to provide high level governance, policy and strategic decision-making. It is also responsible for driving risk management and monitoring our overall performance.

The team is made up of the Safety Director and leaders of the transport modes and corporate functions.

Safety Director

Head shot of David Hourigan

David Hourigan
Director, Transport Safety

David Hourigan joined TSV as Director, Transport Safety in October 2015. Prior to that he held a number of senior roles in the Queensland Government Department of Transport including Executive Director, Passenger Transport Division, and Deputy Director-General, Department of Premier and Cabinet.

David has extensive experience in passenger transport and economic policy, and has led major policy programs, regulated industry sectors, and driven service delivery projects in consultation with the Federal Government, other state jurisdictions and the private sector.

As part of fulfilling the object of promoting transport safety standards, the Safety Director:

  • Advises and makes recommendations to the Minister for Ports and the Minister for Public Transport on transport safety matters
  • Promotes education, training and awareness in the transport industry and among the public about transport safety initiatives
  • Develops policy in relation to the administration of transport safety legislation.

Modal Directors

Head shot of Lisa Faldon

Lisa Faldon
Acting Director, Bus Safety

Lisa Faldon stepped into the role of Acting Director, Bus Safety in October 2018.

She had previously spent many years working in transport safety – focussing first on maritime safety, and in recent years managing TSV’s research and data analysis team.

The Director, Bus Safety and team:

  • Manage bus accreditation/registration of bus operators (commercial and non-commercial) in Victoria
  • Assist bus operators to comply with bus safety legislation
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with bus safety legislation
  • Investigate bus safety incidents and accidents
  • Make recommendations to improve bus safety.

Head shot of Cam Toy

Cameron Toy
Acting Director, Maritime Safety

Cameron Toy is in the position of Acting Director, with the perspective of 10 years’ experience across maritime safety regulation - including senior management roles responsible for waterway safety, enforcement, and ports and shipping regulation.

He also brings to the role more than 20 years’ experience in regulatory compliance and policy making in the areas of policing, fisheries and maritime security.

The Director, Maritime Safety and team regulate the interplay between the vessels, people and environment of Victoria's waterways. They:

  • Certify/register/licence maritime industry participants and vessels
  • Determine standards and procedures for navigation, maritime safety and the provision and maintenance of navigational aids on State waters
  • Collect and analyse marine safety data
  • Investigate marine incidents and implement appropriate action on the findings
  • Enforce and monitor compliance with prescribed standards and marine safety legislation
  • Provide information, communications and guidance to increase maritime safety awareness
  • Commission and sponsor research in maritime safety matters
  • Make recommendations to improve maritime safety.

Head shot of Ty Graham

Ty Graham
Acting Director, Rail Safety

The Director, Rail Safety and team:

  • Manage initial and ongoing accreditation of rail operators (heavy and light rail, passenger and freight)
  • Monitor compliance with and enforce rail safety legislation
  • Monitor and advise on mechanical, signal, track and civil engineering issues
  • Investigate non-compliance, and rail incidents and accidents
  • Gather and analyse rail safety data to identify trends
  • Make recommendations to improve rail safety.

Shaun Rodenburg

Shaun Rodenburg
Director of Operations

Shaun has a great deal of experience in safety leadership roles.

He has held bus safety management positions with Transport Safety Victoria for nine years and before that spent many years in the aviation safety sector.

The Director of Operations and team are responsible for:

  • Legal
  • Policy & Governance
  • Finance
  • Business Services
  • Research, Strategy and Risk
  • Communications
  • People & Culture.