Apply to be an accredited bus operator

You must apply for bus operator accreditation if you intend to operate a commercial bus service using buses with 13 or more seats which provides a:

  • Route bus service
  • Demand responsive bus service
  • Tour and charter bus service
  • Courtesy bus service (other than a non-commercial courtesy bus service)
  • Local bus service

Find out more about the types of bus service and operator requirements.

This section contains information on the bus operator accreditation application process, including:

The video below is a good starting point if you are thinking about applying for bus operator accreditation. It is also worth checking out our frequently asked questions.

Guide to bus operator accreditation

We've created a video explaining who needs to apply for bus operator accreditation, how to apply, and the criteria you must meet to become accredited.

Two men looking at paperwork
Watch our Bus Operator Accreditation video on YouTube
, with closed captions, or you can read the video transcript.

Note: Since this video was made, new bus safety regulations were introduced in 2020.

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