Apply for an exemption

Bus operators may apply to us for an exemption from some of the provisions of accreditation or registration in certain circumstances.

An exemption will be considered when a bus operator can show the regulatory burden they face is 'excessive' or 'unreasonable'. This will be determined in accordance with regulation 22B of the Bus Safety Regulations (BSR).

To be granted an exemption, a bus operator must demonstrate:

  1. That the exemption will not reduce the safe operation of the bus
  2. The competence and capacity to manage the risks to safety posed by the exemption, and
  3. The means to meet reasonable accident liabilities.

This is not an exhaustive list and operators intending to apply for an exemption should consult the BSR.

Who can apply?

Most bus operators should be able to comply with the requirements of the Bus Safety Act (BSA) and BSR without needing to seek an exemption.

If an exemption is granted, the bus operator is only exempt from the specific requirements nominated. All other requirements of the BSA and BSR must be complied with, including safety duties.

More information about the circumstances in which an exemption may be sought, and how an application for exemption will be received, assessed and finalised, is contained in the following guidelines, which you can download as a PDF or accessible Word file.

How to apply

An application for exemption must be made in writing using the form below. The completed form should be mailed to:

Transport Safety Victoria
PO Box 2797
Melbourne VIC 3001
Attention: Manager, Bus Accreditation and Registration 

The application form can be downloaded in PDF or Word format.

We will acknowledge receipt of an application for exemption in writing.

How will my application be assessed?

All applications will be assessed on:

  1. The nature and scope of the bus operator's operation
  2. The exemption sought
  3. The requirements prescribed under the BSA and BSR.

Please note that we are unable to exempt bus operators from requirements related to certain provisions, such as general safety duties under Part 3 of the BSA. Details of these certain provisions are provided in the guideline.

Ongoing compliance

We will ensure ongoing compliance with an exemption through normal compliance and enforcement activities, such as safety audits and inspections.

We may impose conditions or restrictions on an exemption sought. We may also vary the conditions or restrictions, suspend or revoke an exemption granted at any time. The bus operator can apply to vary the exemption.