Fit and proper person test

In order to accredit an applicant to operate a bus service, the BSA requires TSV to form a view that a person is suitable to undertake bus operations and can reasonably be expected to conduct their bus business with a willingness and capability to meet their professional and regulatory obligations.

A fit and proper person, in the context of bus operations in Victoria, is a person who can demonstrate the necessary integrity, honesty and reliability to undertake bus operations.

The fit and proper person test, and the competence and capacity assessment helps to ensure that only those people who have the necessary integrity, professional standards of behaviour and required knowledge, are permissioned by TSV to undertake a bus business in Victoria.  It provides assurance to TSV, to employees and passengers of bus businesses and to the wider community, that a bus business can be expected to be a safe and compliant one.

To determine whether or not an applicant is a fit and proper person, a series of questions must be answered, and supporting information (eg a criminal record check) provided, to allow TSV to make an assessment on whether an applicant is a fit and proper person to be accredited.

Note that the test doesn’t just apply to an applicant, it applies to potential ‘responsible persons’ and to people who meet the definition of ‘relevant person’ under the Bus Safety Act 2009.

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