Maximum number of passengers

The bus operator accreditation and registration schemes have been simplified and consolidated into one accreditation system. These changes came into effect on 1 March 2022.

Information about the changes is available on the front page of the Bus Safety section of this website in Latest News. Online information sessions about the changes to the Bus Safety Act 2009 and the accompanying regulations will be promoted here shortly.

A bus with seating positions for 13 or more adults, including the driver, must display the maximum number of passengers that may be safely carried on that bus. Bus operators must determine and maintain a record of this number.

The maximum number of passengers must be clearly displayed on an authorised notice on or in the bus.

What is the carrying capacity?

The carrying capacity of a bus is:

  • determined by the manufacturer and specified on a compliance plate affixed to the bus, or
  • specified in a certificate issued by a licensed bus tester.

What information must I display?

Notices must be on or in the bus and use letters that are at least 25 millimetres high and of proportionate width.

Bus Safety Victoria has authorised the following text to be displayed on a bus with seating positions for 13 or more adults:


Where must I locate the notice?

A minimum of two notices must be displayed on the bus. One must be inside the bus in a location that is clearly visible from the driver's seating position. The other must be in a conspicuous position on the outside of the rear of the bus.

When do I not need a notice?

Bus operators accredited in another State or Territory, who are accredited to operate buses in Victoria, are not required to display notices if:

  • the buses operated in Victoria are registered in the other State or Territory
  • the regulator of that State or Territory requires the bus operator to display notices on buses that specify the maximum number of passengers that may be carried.

Maximum safe carrying capacity sticker on a bus

Download the information on this page as a factsheet: Maximum number of passengers PDF, 120.2 KB

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