Bus Safety Week 2020

1 November 2019

Bus Safety Victoria (BSV) is taking a new direction with Bus Safety Week. In addition to shining a light on bus safety, we want to make sure it's relevant and valuable to the industry.

We believe that a week dedicated to showcasing and building awareness of bus safety involves looking at the possibilities and collaborating to make sure something meaningful occurs.

In addition to having a multi-agency collaboration, it’s important that operators have a stake in how bus safety week represents them.

We are interested in hearing from operators who would like to:

  • be part of a working group
  • be part of the media showcase package of bus safety innovation
  • support community focused activities involving the general public and schools
  • look as the ideas being suggested
  • provide suggestions.

To join in, please email information@transportsafety.vic.gov.au

Kids at a previous Bus Safety Week launch