Prosecutions result in fines

21 December 2016

Two bus prosecution matters were finalised on 8 December at the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Master Coaches P/L, its director Chris Salpingidis, and Savvas Salpingidis (who was involved in the management of the bus business), were each charged with two counts of operating a bus service without accreditation. 

All three pleaded guilty to all charges, were convicted and fined. The company was fined $5,000 and the Salpingidis pair were each fined $2,500.

Joy Study & Tour P/L, and its director Leo Nam, were each charged with one count of operating a bus service without accreditation. Both pleaded guilty and were fined, without conviction. The company was fined $1,200 and Mr Nam $600.

Both prosecutions utilised the provisions of section 69 of the Bus Safety Act, which makes the directors of the company, as well as a persons who are not an officer of the company but are alleged to be involved in the management of the business, liable for the offences committed by the company.