TSV grounds 12 buses

22 September 2017

In response to safety data analysis, Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) recently engaged with Vic Roads to run a series of safety inspections over two nights on Transdev buses.

As a result of this work:

  • TSV issued 12 Prohibition Notices to Transdev, "grounding" 12 buses which presented a risk to safety;
  • TSV issued one Improvement Notice to Transdev requiring it to assess its fleet for any more buses which may be unsafe and propose a remedial action plan for those buses before they be used to provide passenger services;
  • TSV issued one Improvement Notice to Transdev requiring it to review its Maintenance Management System (MMS) to find how and why it failed and how to ensure the failure cannot recur; and
  • TSV will conduct a targeted safety audit to test the effectiveness of Transdev's remedial actions once they are complete. A more frequent audit regime will be applied until TSV is satisfied Transdev's Maintenance Management System (MMS) is operating effectively.

"We are working with Transdev to make sure the immediate safety issues are effectively managed and their safety systems are sufficiently robust to ensure the ongoing safety of their bus services," said Shaun Rodenburg, Acting Director Bus Safety at TSV.

Bus inspection