What's happening in Bus Safety Week

2 June 2016

June 20-24 is Bus Safety Week! It recognises bus safety as a shared responsibility.

The major focus of the week is on everybody's role to ensure that bus travel remains one of the safest modes of transport.

The week involves promotion of safety behaviours, interactive school activities and a host of online materials; including our new animated bus safety videos. 

Bus safety activities are coming to a town near you!

  • 20 June - Southern Cross Station
  • 21 June - Southern Cross Station
  • 21 June - Morwell
  • 22 June - Warnambool
  • 22 June - Geelong
  • 23 June - Shepparton
  • 23 June - Ballarat
  • 24 June - Bendigo

More information about these exciting events will be available soon.

Even if you miss out on attending an organised event for Bus Safety Week, get on board and keep safety top of mind when travelling on buses or sharing the road with them.