Disciplinary inquiry

We may hold an inquiry to determine whether or not there are sufficient grounds to take further disciplinary action. Inquiries are generally appropriate where:

  • There is a serious emerging safety issue or risk
  • There is an alleged serious breach of a transport safety law
  • There has been a serious incident or accident
  • The broader impact of the matter is such that the public interest is served by conducting our own inquiry
  • An inquiry is the tool most likely to effectively address the matter as there is insufficient evidence to warrant enforcement action
  • The matter falls within our identified areas of safety focus at that time.

If an inquiry is held, the person who is the subject of the inquiry will be afforded natural justice.

Generally, the safety issue should be more serious than one which can be appropriately addressed through a general compliance investigation or inspection (for example, where it is necessary to temporarily suspend a permission).

We also have the power to investigate transport safety matters, which can include breaches of transport safety laws for the purposes of further action including prosecution or disciplinary action.