Report a bus incident

All accredited and registered bus operators have a duty to report incidents and accidents to Bus Safety Victoria, verbally and in writing.

Definition of a bus incident

For reporting purposes, a bus incident is a circumstance, act or omission, including:

  • A collision with any person, vehicle, infrastructure, obstruction or object
  • An implosion, explosion or fire
  • Any mechanical failure
  • Divergence from the highway
  • An accident or incident that results in a person requiring immediate treatment as an in-patient in a hospital.
  • Where the driver of the bus is in contravention of the bus operator's alcohol and drug management policy.
  • A failure to comply with applicable legislative requirements, vehicle specifications, bus standards or codes of practice, where the circumstance, act or omission resulted in, or had the potential to result in:
  • the death of any person
  • serious injury to any person
  • a loss of control of the bus
  • significant damage to property.

Bus operators should:

You may have your own policies and procedures in place to meet your duty to report. For example, some organisations may have a specific person responsible for reporting, others may encourage staff who are involved in an incident to notify us.

How do we use the data we collect?

We use the data we collect from bus operators to monitor trends and safety risks across the Victorian transport network.

Our bus incident statistics page has the annual incident statistics and quarterly summaries for bus incidents.

Incident causal analysis

Identifying trends and proactive safety

While incident causal analysis is not mandatory, it contributes materially to improving bus safety by allowing us to collate and find trends in incidents. We therefore urge all bus operators to analyse incidents and provide the results to TSV.

Publication of incidents and their contributing factors

It is vital that the data gathered during incident analysis is shared among the bus industry to allow everyone to learn from incidents. To facilitate the sharing of data, TSV intends to publish on its website de-identified incidents and their accompanying contributing factors.


A wallet-sized reference card:

If you are unable to complete the online notification of a bus incident form, you can submit it as a Word document and send it via email to or via fax to (03) 9655 6611.

Download our factsheet as a PDF or Word document:

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