Reporting a marine incident

This page explains what you must do if you are an owner/master of a domestic commercial vessel (DCV) involved in a marine incident.

  • Always dial 000 in an emergency
  • If an incident has occurred but you are not in immediate danger, report it to Victoria Police on 1800 135 729

Please note that penalties may apply for owners and operators who fail to inform us of a reportable incident.

Owners/masters of a DCV

If you are the owner/master of a Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) involved in a marine incident, you are required to supply Maritime Safety Victoria (the AMSA delegate in Victoria) with a written marine incident report within 72 hours of becoming aware of the incident.

You must use the following form:

Submit the completed form, along with any supporting documents as required, to:


Postal addressPO Box 2392, Melbourne VIC 3001

Response agencies

If you represent a response agency tasked by the Water Police to assist with a marine incident, please complete the Marine Incident Response Record.

What marine incidents must be reported?

National Law defines a Marine Incident as:

  1. A death of, or injury to, a person associated with the operation or navigation of a domestic commercial vessel
  2. The loss or presumed loss of a domestic commercial vessel
  3. A collision of a domestic commercial vessel with another vessel
  4. A collision by a domestic commercial vessel with an object
  5. The grounding, sinking, flooding or capsizing of a domestic commercial vessel
  6. A fire on board a domestic commercial vessel
  7. A loss of stability of a domestic commercial vessel that affects the safety of the vessel
  8. The structural failure of a domestic commercial vessel
  9. A close quarters situation
  10. An event that results in, or could have resulted in:
    1. the death of, or injury to, a person on board a domestic commercial vessel; or
    2. the loss of a person from a domestic commercial vessel; or
    3. a domestic commercial vessel becoming disabled and requiring assistance
  11. The fouling or damaging by a domestic commercial vessel of:
    1. any pipeline or submarine cable; or
    2. any aid to navigation within the meaning of the Navigation Act 2012 of the Commonwealth
  12. A prescribed incident involving a domestic commercial vessel.

How do we use the data we collect?

We use the data we collect from vessel operators to monitor trends and safety risks on Victorian waters. You can view the annual incident statistics and quarterly summaries for maritime incidents on our Maritime incident statistics page.

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