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We will be updating the Boating Vic stakeholder hub regularly with new content; including social media posts, promotional images, videos and advertising materials.

The Boating Vic website and app helps Victorian waterway users prepare for a safe trip on the water.

It features: the largest list of ramps in Victoria, ramp cam vision across key locations, comprehensive localised weather information, warnings and notifications, facility information and safety advice.

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We’re proud of all Boating Vic has to offer, and we’re keen to spread the word.

Content partners and stakeholders can:

  • Share Maritime Safety Victoria's Facebook and Twitter content about Boating Vic
  • Post about Boating Vic using our social media kit DOCX, 34.7 KB
  • Direct your followers to Boating Vic on your own social posts
  • Distribute promotional materials


Supply content

Stakeholder content partnership

Boating Vic is a great tool for boaters to check the weather and see notifications about boat ramps and launching facilities around Victoria.

Users want to know about ramp closures, upgrades, car park works, dredging and other impacts to launching at a particular facility.

While we do our best to have our finger on the pulse, the most useful information for users often comes directly from waterway and facility managers, local councils and other agencies.

By working with you in a stakeholder content partnership, Boating Vic is a one-stop shop for boaters and paddlers.

Why content partnership?

By being a Boating Vic content partner, your agency has opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience with relevant information or advice.

  • Directly target boaters or paddlers who are planning or preparing to visit a particular waterway or area
  • Directly target boaters or paddlers who have self-nominated an interest in a particular activity, area or vessel type
  • Increase awareness and demonstrate organisational expertise by providing relevant and timely content for boaters and paddlers

In return, the Boating Vic team are offering your organisation:

  • A channel for publishing and promoting content
  • Increased reach, including traffic back to your agency’s channels
  • Highly targeted audiences – boat ramp and on-water hobby specific
  • Data and analytics provided by Boating Vic team
  • Support in meeting safety duty requirements – through a communication platform

Content types

We’re keen to know about any of the following:

Facility impact notifications

  • Ramp closures
  • Facility upgrades
  • Car park works
  • Dredging

Changes to facilities

  • New amenities
  • Ramp/facility upgrades
  • Removal of amenities

On-water impact notifications

  • Festivals
  • Exclusion zones
  • Port activities

Changes to navigational aids

  • Lights
  • Beacons

Environmental notifications/access restrictions

  • Floods
  • Fires
  • Changing water levels
  • Reduced depths
  • Pollution
  • Invasive pests
  • Blue green algae detection

Educational content

  • Fishing guides
  • Local knowledge
  • Safety tips
  • Rules and regulations
  • Environmental considerations


  • Marine search and rescue statistics (e.g. X% of vessels requiring towing in the past 6 months had old fuel)
  • Infringement statistics (e.g. X% of boaters inspected have been wearing the wrong type of lifejacket)

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