Fires impact marine radio service - now restored

2 January 2020

UPDATE: 3 January 2020. Vessel operators are advised that the Marine Radio Victoria (MRV) transmission towers at Mt Nowa Nowa and Mt Cann are now operational and regular functionality of VHF emergency channels has been restored. An updated Notice to Mariners has been issued.

Vessel operators, including paddlers, are advised that Marine Radio Victoria (MRV) - the marine distress and emergency monitoring system for Victorian coastal waters - has been impacted by the fires in East Gippsland, with limited service available until further notice.

MRV towers at Nowa Nowa and Mt Cann have been affected – resulting in limited coverage from the coast of Lakes Entrance to Gabo Island on VHF emergency channels (including digital selective calling).

Repair works are being carried out to restore the service to full capacity.

Vessel operators are urged to reconsider planned voyages, carry extra means for raising the alarm and to be extra vigilant on coastal waters.

A Notice to Mariners has been issued.

For further information, contact Maritime Safety Victoria at or 1800 223 022.

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