Safety Warning: Restricted visibility due to haze

15 January 2020

Bushfire smoke has created hazy conditions which is impacting visibility and could affect your health. Boaters are advised to be extra vigilant if heading out on the water, and use navigation lights in restricted visibility.

When operating during a period of restricted visibility boaters are at heightened risk, meaning it is mandatory to wear a lifejacket when in an open area of vessel up to 12m in length when underway.

Reduced visibility will impact your ability to see other vessels and bathers as well as navigational lights and marks. Reduce speed and make sure you know your location and route at all times. Download the Emergency + App so that you can provide your location to rescue services.

Make sure you maintain a proper lookout at all times, have plenty of fuel for the whole trip, as well as all your safety gear and a means of raising the alarm.

Hazy air on the water