Safety warning: Goulburn River log jams

21 December 2018


Northern Victoria: Goulburn River bridges downstream of Eildon Pondage to Seymour


Log jams and debris under bridges


  • Maritime Safety Victoria advises that paddlers and boaters should navigate with caution.
  • Be aware that passage may be hazardous or blocked.
  • Take particular care around Gilmores Bridge, Breakaway Bridge at Acheron, Goulburn Valley Highway Bridge and the old railway bridge at Molesworth.
  • A five (5) knot speed restriction applies to the waters of Goulburn River downstream of Eildon Pondage.
  • Paddlers and boaters are reminded to check the conditions and be aware of fast flowing rivers.
  • Let someone know before you go, wear a lifejacket, and carry a distress beacon.
  • More advice for paddlers:

Pictured: Breakaway Bridge log jam

Breakaway Bridge log jam