Compliance and investigations

We regularly conduct audits of safety duty holders.

We monitor compliance with the Marine Safety Act 2010, Port Management Act 1995, Determination: Licensing and training requirements for marine pilots in Victorian ports and guidance materials.

Our safety duty holders include:

  • Ports managers
  • Towage providers
  • Pilotage providers
  • Line boat providers


Audits help us ensure:

  • Duty-holders understand their legislative obligations
  • Duty-holders voluntarily comply with such obligations consistently
  • Positive safety culture among all participants, including continuous improvements in safety management, best practice safety standards and capacity building for risk management across the industry.

Audits are scheduled on a risk basis, however it is understood that the requirement for unscheduled audits may be conducted.

Outcomes 2019 – 2020

Fatigue management was the target of our compliance audits across the pilotage and towage industries, and with positive results.

A common area of concern identified however, related to document version control.


We investigate maritime incidents, complaints and breaches of law and safety duty holder requirements.

Investigations may be systemic to identify systemic problems and recommend resolutions.

Investigations may also be undertaken into the actions of a safety duty holder such as pilots, pilotage service providers and port management bodies. The Safety Director also has the ability to conduct marine enquiries.

Other agencies conduct their own separate investigations into maritime incidents. These include:

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