New ramp camera and waterway information website

It’s coming … a one-stop-shop website and mobile app for all your trip preparation needs.

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) is currently working on a new website and app for waterway users.

The new website and app will provide a one-stop-shop - in partnership with local councils, waterway managers and other agencies - dedicated to helping you prepare to head out on the water.

Ramp camera vision and information

Features will include:

  • Ramp and carpark vision
  • Comprehensive local weather information
  • Weather and waterway warnings
  • Safety advice
  • Facility information
  • Waterway information.

MSV is currently updating and installing new camera technology at various locations. Vision from these cameras will be hosted exclusively on the new website and app, going live in the summer 2019-20 boating season.

We will keep this page updated as the project progresses.

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