Waterway maps

The waterway boating maps listed on this page detail the local vessel operating and zoning rules for Victorian waterways.

The maps on this page should be used in conjunction with the Guide to Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules for Victorian waters.

Interactive map

We are currently working on an upgraded interactive map, due to launch in 2020.

In the meantime, you can view waterway rules and boat ramp locations on our Boating Vic map.

Printable maps

Allans Flat PDF, 453.2 KB
Anglesea River PDF, 521.1 KB
Barwon River PDF, 601.4 KB
Barwon River - Lake Connewarra PDF, 743.0 KB
Bass Strait - Point Roadknight PDF, 474.6 KB
Bass Strait - Surf Coast Shire Council, Torquay PDF, 527.6 KB
Bridgewater Lakes PDF, 499.8 KB
Cairn Curran map 1 of 3 PDF, 747.0 KB
Cairn Curran map 2 of 3 PDF, 723.3 KB
Cairn Curran map 3 of 3 PDF, 675.9 KB
Corner Inlet and Port Albert PDF, 1.9 MB
Curdies River and Curdies Inlet PDF, 561.8 KB
Deep Lake PDF, 469.9 KB
Designated Port of Port Fairy
Fletchers Dam PDF, 451.7 KB
Gellibrand River PDF, 493.5 KB
Glenelg River PDF, 607.8 KB
Hazelwood Cooling Pondage PDF, 464.2 KB
Hopkins River PDF, 556.4 KB
Laanecoorie Reservoir map 1 of 2 PDF, 627.7 KB
Laanecoorie Reservoir map 2 of 2 PDF, 608.6 KB
Lady Bay Warnambool PDF, 1.3 MB
Lake Bolac PDF, 539.4 KB
Lake Buffalo PDF, 582.4 KB
Lake Charlegrark PDF, 469.7 KB
Lake Craven, Lake Costin, Lake Horden PDF, 1.2 MB
Lake Eildon map 1 of 2 PDF, 1.1 MB
Lake Eildon map 2 of 2 PDF, 321.9 KB
Lake Glenmaggie Overview PDF, 628.4 KB
Lake Glenmaggie Insets - 1 PDF, 600.1 KB
Lake Glenmaggie Insets - 2 PDF, 589.8 KB
Lake Hamilton
Lake Hume PDF, 1.1 MB
Lake Kerferd PDF, 450.1 KB
Lake Linlithgow and Bullrush Swamp PDF, 478.5 KB
Lake Moodemere PDF, 527.7 KB
Lake Narracan PDF, 653.3 KB
Lake Nillahcootie PDF, 609.4 KB
Lake Purrumbete PDF, 472.6 KB
Lake Sambell PDF, 468.1 KB
Little Lake Boort PDF, 480.7 KB
Local Port of Barwon Head PDF, 526.0 KB
Loddon River PDF, 673.7 KB
Maribyrnong River PDF, 699.0 KB
Melton Reservoir map 1 of 3 PDF, 629.9 KB
Melton Reservoir map 2 of 3 PDF, 625.7 KB
Melton Reservoir map 3 of 3 PDF, 629.4 KB
Merri River PDF, 635.5 KB
Painkalac Creek (from Bass Strait to Boundary Road) PDF, 512.1 KB
Rocklands Reservoir PDF, 1020.8 KB
Shallow Inlet PDF, 590.6 KB
Surrey River seaward outlet PDF, 487.9 KB
Tamboon Inlet PDF, 556.2 KB
Taylors Lake - Horsham PDF, 499.1 KB
Tchum Lake South PDF, 464.0 KB
Urquharts Bluff PDF, 1.1 MB
Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton PDF, 478.9 KB
Wimmera River - Horsham PDF, 573.6 KB
Yarra River - Lower PDF, 706.3 KB

Rules are subject to change and these maps should not be used for navigational purposes. Please contact us if you have any specific accessibility requirements or have trouble downloading the documents.

Navigational charts

The Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) is part of the Royal Australian Navy and is Australia's national charting authority. All official nautical charts covering the Australian Charting Area are published and updated by the AHS.

The AHS distributes the full portfolio of AUS charts via AHS Chart Distribution Agents. Please visit the AHS website for more information and for details on where to purchase official charts.

It is advisable to carry an official chart when going offshore or operating in enclosed or coastal waters.