Lock in a buddy plan video transcript

[Title: Josh's story – Lock in a buddy plan]

[Vision: Man in his 30s talking to camera]

I took my boat out, it was a fair way off shore.

I was down the back of the boat, the boat was slowly going along.

And um, I found myself upside down in the water all of a sudden.

All I remember is trying to grab hold of the boat as I fell.

The boat was doing about two knots.

And with all my clothes on the drag was just too much, I couldn’t catch it.

I pulled my lifejacket and swam for what felt like forever but only seconds at the same time.

My wife knew that I was going fishing, that’s about it.

She was eight months pregnant at the time.

They found my boat dead south about 5 nautical miles off shore.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet my son I guess.

My advice to you is, to always tell someone your plans.

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