Know the weather video transcript

[Title: Max's story - Know the weather]

[Vision: Man in his 50s talking to camera]

It was late '60s. We were doing some fishing on Port Phillip Bay. It was dead calm.

All of a sudden, dad said, “Reel in the lines, we’re heading back”. And I saw these really black clouds.

On the way back in, my dad and I noticed this cruiser boat heading out, straight towards all that stormy weather.

My dad said, “That’s not good” so he chased after them. My dad tried so hard to get them to turn around.

But unfortunately, it never happened.

By the time we got in it was really blowing a gale.

On the news that night we heard the boat was missing, and I said “Dad, that’s the boat”.

I think there was only one survivor. The whole family perished.

If you see dark clouds coming in don’t risk it. Just get back in and be safe.

My advice to you is, know the weather for the whole trip.

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