Marine licence courses in Victoria

This page has information on getting a Certificate of Attainment as well as a list of approved qualifications that exempt you from sitting the VicRoads marine licence test.

You can attend an accredited training course to learn about boating safety and sit your marine licence test at the same time. Courses range from four hours to two days and vary in price.

You will receive a Certificate of Attainment that you must take to VicRoads within 12 months of completing the course to obtain a marine licence. Only course completion certificates approved by TSV will exempt you from sitting the marine licence test at a VicRoads office.

The Certificate of Attainment alone is not a licence to operate a vessel.


If you hold a valid certificate of competency that was issued or renewed by TSV after 1 July 2002 and that is not subject to any conditions relating to your health or fitness, you are exempt from the requirement to hold a marine licence.

Other approved qualifications

Below is a list of certificates of competency issued by Australian maritime regulatory authorities. The holders of these certificates are not required to sit the VicRoads marine licence test.

  • Coxswain
  • Master Class 5
  • Master Class 4
  • Mate Class 4
  • Master Class 3
  • 2nd Mate Class 2
  • 2nd Mate Class 1
  • Chief Mate Class 2
  • Chief Mate Class 1
  • Boatman / Motor Boatman
  • Mate – Steamship
  • Full Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate
  • Small Warfare Watchkeeping Certificate
  • Skipper Grades 1 to 3 (RAN Certificate).

Course feedback

All currently accredited training courses meet the requirements of the Marine Licence Training Standards DOCX, 1008.5 KB. The standards also summarise other requirements that a training provider will need to meet to attain training course approval.

To provide feedback on an accredited training course please contact us.

Interested in becoming a training provider?

Training providers interested in current courses assessed for approval should contact us for more information.

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