Trip preparation

Every accident or incident is unique but all occur due to a series of events, circumstances or failures. Following our preparation advice will help ensure you come home safely from your trip.

How to prepare for a trip

Our Prepare to Survive campaign explains how boaters and paddlers can complete five key steps:

  1. Know the weather
  2. Practise getting back on
  3. Carry a distress beacon
  4. Lock in a buddy plan
  5. Wear a lifejacket

Handy tools

Boating Vic

Our Boating Vic website and app helps you check boat ramp conditions before leaving home.

Skipper's Manual

The Skipper's Manual is a guide to keep on your boat – available in English, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

Pre-trip checklist

Printing out and filling in our 'pre-trip checklist' is a great way to make sure you haven't forgotten to do anything before you leave shore. You can download it here as a PDF or accessible Word document:

In this video, Andrew and Nick from Australian fishing show 'Hook, Line & Sinker' explain how good preparation gives the master of a vessel the best opportunity to make good decisions on the water.

Boat trip preparation video transcript

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