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Country Fire Authority representative Bob Dare talking.

Hi there, I'm Bob Dare from the Country Fire Authority and I'd like to share some simple ideas to help keep your houseboat fire safe.

Your vessel's electrical system needs to be in good condition. Ensure that circuit breakers or switches are fitted on board. If they are not, talk to a qualified mechanic, experienced in marine applications.

[Visual: Man on a houseboat opens a power box to reveal circuit breakers onboard the boat]

In the kitchen, be sure that fire protection equipment is close by and easily accessible. Fire extinguishers need to be checked regularly or replaced. Check that the gauge is showing a full charge. A fire blanket must also be located nearby. Keep flammable substances well away from sources of heat

[Visual: Fire extinguisher and fire blanket in kitchen]

The steps for refuelling any boat are also applicable to houseboats. They are:

  • Definitely no passengers on board during refuelling or restarting
  • Turn off engine and electrical equipment before refuelling
  • Don't overfill your fuel tank and clean up spills immediately
  • Ventilate tank and engine compartments after refuelling
  • Don't start the engine if you can detect engine fumes

If you have LPG on board your houseboat, you need to take care to:

  • Store any gas cylinders upright in an isolated, externally ventilated gas cylinder locker. Regularly check that hoses and connections are in good condition and tightly/firmly secured.

[Visual: Gas cylinder in a ventilated locker. Man checking BBQ hoses and connections]

  • Fit vapour detectors and regularly check that they are working.
  • Fit a reminder notice above gas appliances – ('turn off gas when not in use').

[Visual: person putting up a reminder notice]

  • Only ever have work done on your gas system by a licensed gas fitter.

[Visual: person lighting gas stove]

There we have it, just a few tips to keep you and your family safe this summer.

Don't let your boat go up in smoke, happy boating and stay safe

[Visual: TSV campaign image – boat on fire with text 'Don't let your boat go up in smoke. Be fire safe'.

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