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This page is a transcript of Maritime Safety Victoria's video about refuelling your boat safely.

[Vision of boats on the lake and docking at refuelling stations]

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TSV Maritime Safety Officer Martin O' Connell talking.

Hi there, you know refuelling our boats is something we all do many times a season.

So much so I have an important question for you. Do you know the steps for refuelling your vessel safely?

Last year TSV received reports of a number of significant vessel fires. Most notably on inboard-powered ski boats.

[Visual: Man refuelling his boat]

The fires generally begin in or around the engine and are almost universally caused by leaking fuel and the build-up of explosive petrol vapours.

In almost all circumstances they have occurred during refuelling or when re-starting the boat after fuelling and have often caused serious injury to boaters and their family or friends.

[Visual: Man refuelling his boat at a refuelling station]

This makes following a few simple refuelling safety rules so important. They are:

  • No passengers permitted on board during refuelling or restarting
  • Turn of the engine and electrical equipment before refuelling
  • Don't overfill your fuel tank and clean up spills immediately
  • Ventilate the tank and engine compartments after refuelling
  • Don't start the engine if you can detect engine fumes

If you are securing spare fuel in petrol containers:

  • Make sure they are tightly capped and secure
  • When refuelling, fill the fuel tanks if possible, on land away from the vessel in a well-ventilated, no smoking area and use a wide-mouthed funnel.  Always clean up any splashes immediately.

[Visual: Man pouring fuel into a jerry can]

Leisure boating can be a fantastic way to relax with family and friends and enjoy life on the water.

Please, keep yourself, your family and those friends safe by following these simple safety rules when refuelling your boat, and don't let your boat go up in smoke.

Happy boating. Stay safe!

[Visual: TSV campaign image – boat on fire with text 'Don't let your boat go up in smoke. Be fire safe.

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End of video.

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