Emergency or urgent waterway rules

This page contains a list of current emergency waterway closures, emergency operating rules and urgent safety rules on Victorian waterways.

If you are a waterway manager and wish to apply to change a waterway rule, please follow the instructions on the waterway managers' portal.

Lake Eppalock – Randells Cove, Strath Cove

Until further notice

The waterway rules as detailed in Schedule 49, Lake Eppalock, Clause 49.6 and 49.2(b)(i) as published in the Victoria Government Gazette, S221 on 28 June 2012 are temporarily revoked for the term of this Urgent Safety Rule.

This urgent safety rule is published in the Victoria Government Gazette No. S 696 Thursday 24 December 2020

Map of restricted area

Map showing location of points

Lake Eppalock – Metcalfe Pool

Until further notice

A 5 knot speed restriction applies to the waters of Lake Eppalock upstream of The Strait including Metcalfe Pool and Madden Reach when the water level is 185.0 AHD or less.

This urgent safety rule is published in the Victoria Government Gazette No. G 45 Thursday 7 November 2019

Ouyen Lake

Until further notice

The new lake opened to boaters on 6 October 2019.

This urgent safety rule is published in the Victoria Government Gazette No. S 403 Thursday 3 October 2019

Goulburn River at Nagambie

Until further notice

The waters of Goulburn River beneath Chinamans Bridge and immediately upstream and downstream of the bridge as marked by lines of yellow buoys are prohibited to vessels, excluding Span 6 of the bridge that remains open for vessels to transit under the bridge.

This urgent safety rule is published in the Victoria Government Gazette No. S 536 Monday 12 November 2018

Weather and flood warnings

The most common reason for emergency waterway closures or restrictions is a flood event.

Use the Boating Vic website or app to view location-specific notifications, as well as weather conditions and warnings, alongside boat ramp details.

Waterway managers have the power to close waterways in such events to ensure the safety of waterway users. Contact the relevant waterway manager for more information about the waterway you intend to visit.

You can also view Bureau of Meteorology weather warnings and Vic Emergency incidents and warnings – which includes flood and blue-green algae alerts.

Vessels Prohibited buoy on a lake

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