Trip preparation

Every accident or incident is unique but all occur due to a series of events, circumstances or failures. Following our preparation advice will help ensure you come home safely from your trip.

How to prepare for a trip

Top tips

Our Prepare to Survive campaign explains how boaters and paddlers can complete five key steps:

  1. Know the weather – check before and during trips
  2. Wear a lifejacket – and keep it in good nick
  3. Lock in a buddy plan – let someone know your trip details
  4. Carry a distress beacon – and use it when in distress
  5. Practise getting back on – try reboarding your vessel from the water, know your limits


Boating Vic

Our Boating Vic website and app helps you check weather and boat ramp conditions before leaving home.

Skipper's Manual

The Skipper's Manual is a guide to keep on your boat – available in English, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

Pre-trip checklist

Printing out and filling in our 'pre-trip checklist' is a great way to make sure you haven't forgotten to do anything before you leave shore. You can download it here as a PDF or accessible Word document:

In this video, Andrew and Nick from Australian fishing show 'Hook, Line & Sinker' explain how good preparation gives the master of a vessel the best opportunity to make good decisions on the water.

Boat trip preparation video transcript

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