Fire extinguisher maintenance

Portable fire extinguishers are required to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

While some maintenance inspections must be carried out by a qualified professional there are many checks that should be regularly conducted. This will ensure that extinguishers are in good working order at all times.

Maintenance checklist

  1. Determine that the extinguisher is the correct size and type for the vessel
  2. Invert the extinguisher and ensure that the powder remains free flowing by shaking it during regular checks
  3. Check the contents by viewing the gauge. Does the needle indicate recharge is required?
  4. Is the safety pin in place to prevent accidental discharge?
  5. Is the bottle showing any signs of peeling paint, rust or external damage?
  6. If fitted, does the service tag indicate more than 12 months since the last inspection?

If the extinguisher has not been inspected for more than 12 months it should be taken to an approved service agent – contact the extinguisher manufacturer or supplier to find an agent.

Boater holds fire extinguisher

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