Practice Marine Licence and PWC Endorsement Tests

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Question 1

As the master/operator of a powered vessel in Victoria, it is your responsibility to ensure that:

Question 2

Owner onus means that:

Question 3

A radio message beginning with 'PAN PAN, PAN PAN, PAN PAN' indicates which of the following?

Question 4

Your vessel has capsized and remains partially submerged. As the master of the vessel, which of the following would be the correct course of action for you to take?

Question 5

A white light flashing in a sequence of three quick or very quick flashes indicates that the mark is a:

Question 6

You are planning a boat trip in your 5m vessel and you want to take a number of additional heavy items of equipment. What consideration should you give to the maximum number of persons you can carry onboard your vessel?

Question 7

The master of a vessel must not allow passengers to be onboard when it is being fuelled at a wharf, jetty or pier. Which of the following is the correct procedure for allowing passengers to embark or re-embark after fuelling?

Question 8

The Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasts provide information about 'significant wave height' based on an average of the highest one third of waves. The probable maximum wave height may be:

Question 9

You are operating your vessel in a channel when an approaching ship sounds five short blasts on its horn indicating that it is unsure of your intentions, and doubts you are taking enough action to avoid a collision. What should you do?

Question 10

q4.7 image 

When travelling downstream (towards the sea), on which side of your vessel should you keep this type of navigational marker in order to stay in the channel?

Question 11

What should you bear in mind when manoeuvring a vessel that is towing an inflatable biscuit or similar item?

Question 12

q4.10 image 

If this flag is displayed what does it indicate?

Question 13

When should you switch on and display navigation lights on a vessel that is underway?

Question 14

What is your responsibility as master/operator of a powered vessel, between 4.8m and 12m in length, while crossing a designated coastal bar?

Question 15

In Victorian coastal waters, the direction of buoyage:

Question 16

On inland waters vessels must reduce speed to 5 knots or less within:

Question 17

You are out fishing at night when your vessel breaks down. What would be the best type of distress signal to attract attention?

Question 18

q4.16 image 

If you saw these lights at night, what type of vessel would it be?

Question 19

When not being worn, personal flotation devices should be stored on a vessel:

Question 20

When speaking of buoyancy, 'level flotation' means that:

Question 21

The operator of a vessel must keep a continuous lookout:

Question 22

What is the permitted blood alcohol level for a person under 21 years of age who is operating a powered vessel?

Question 23

q4.30 image 

You are preparing to pass a dredge displaying these signals. What action must you take?

Question 24

On Victorian coastal and enclosed waters, within what distance from the water's edge must you observe a speed limit of 5 knots, unless otherwise zoned?

Question 25

When engaging in towed water sports, the master may:

Question 26

Where should you operate a vessel in a narrow channel or river?

Question 27

Prior to starting your vessel at the boat ramp you notice the battery fails to start your engine. You should:

Question 28

Can you anchor inside a shipping channel to undertake recreational fishing?

Question 29

A vessel is approaching on your starboard (right-hand) side and not changing bearing. What action should you take?

Question 30

When buying and fitting a personal flotation device for a child you must ensure that the personal flotation device:

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Please note: Persons aged under 16 are no longer able to obtain a PWC endorsement on their restricted marine licence. Read more about the changes to laws about children operating personal watercraft.