Practice Marine Licence and PWC Endorsement Tests

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Question 1

A personal watercraft must give way to:

Question 2

The operator of a vessel must keep a continuous lookout:

Question 3

When operating a personal watercraft at a speed exceeding 5 knots on Victorian waters, how far must you keep from a diver's flag on a buoy or vessel?

Question 4

It is compulsory for every personal watercraft operating on Victorian waters to carry a torch that is:

Question 5

When a number of PWC operators are operating in an organised group:

Question 6

When operating a personal watercraft on inland waters, excluding speed restriction zones or where local rules apply, which direction are you required to travel in relation to the approximate centre of a waterway?

Question 7

You are operating your personal watercraft at about 8 knots and notice some swimmers in the water approximately 20m away from you, so you:

Question 8

The owner of a PWC:

Question 9

You are operating a personal watercraft with a group of friends on enclosed waters, each operating their own personal watercraft.  What are the Victorian state rules you must obey in relation to speed and distance?

Question 10

In surf areas, what must you consider in relation to swimmers?

Question 11

If you are proceeding up a narrow channel, river or harbour entrance where it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance from other vessels or swimmers:

Question 12

When operating a personal watercraft at a speed exceeding 5 knots on Victorian coastal waters, how far must you keep from the water's edge?

Question 13

When should you switch on and display navigation lights on a vessel that is underway?

Question 14

When using a personal watercraft for waterskiing:

Question 15

Prior to starting your vessel at the boat ramp you notice the battery struggles to start your engine and eventually dies. You should:

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Please note: Persons aged under 16 are no longer able to obtain a PWC endorsement on their restricted marine licence. Read more about the changes to laws about children operating personal watercraft.