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Question 1

Why is it mandatory to carry a waterproof buoyant torch at all times when operating a personal watercraft?

Question 2

PWC Q3.13 image

This flag signifies:

Question 3

When should you switch on and display navigation lights on a vessel that is underway?

Question 4

If you are proceeding up a narrow channel, river or harbour entrance where it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance from other vessels or swimmers:

Question 5

It is compulsory for every personal watercraft operating on Victorian waters to carry a torch that is:

Question 6

When engaging in towed water sports, the master can:

Question 7

Unless a local rule says otherwise, on inland waters vessels must be operated at 5 knots or less when within what distance from the shore?

Question 8

You  come across a 'no boating zone'.  Are you permitted to enter this zone on your personal watercraft?

Question 9

What safety equipment is required onboard a personal watercraft more than two nautical miles from the shore on coastal waters?

Question 10

PWC Q3.3 image 

What kind of navigation mark is this?

Question 11

When operating a personal watercraft at a speed exceeding 5 knots on Victorian  waters, how far must you keep from a diver's flag on a buoy or vessel?

Question 12

An unlicensed person can operate a vessel on state waters if:

Question 13

The owner of a PWC:

Question 14

When operating a personal watercraft at a speed exceeding 5 knots on all Victorian waters, what distance must you keep from a person in the water, or from another vessel, including other personal watercrafts?

Question 15

Your PWC has broken down. How can you highlight that you are in distress?

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Please note: Persons aged under 16 are no longer able to obtain a PWC endorsement on their restricted marine licence. Read more about the changes to laws about children operating personal watercraft.