In almost all circumstances, vessel fires have occurred during refuelling or when a boat is re-started after fuelling.

Many of these instances have resulted in serious injury to boaters and their family or friends.

10 tips for refuelling your boat safely

Following these ten simple rules will help reduce your fire risk when refuelling:

  1. No passengers are permitted on board during refuelling or restarting
  2. Turn off the engine and electrical equipment before refuelling
  3. Don't overfill your fuel tank and clean up spills immediately
  4. Ventilate the tank and engine compartments after refuelling
  5. Don't start the engine if you can detect fumes.
  6. If possible, fill the fuel tanks away from the vessel in a well-ventilated, no smoking area.
  7. When refuelling, use a wide-mouthed funnel and clean up any splashes immediately
  8. Regularly check perishable fuel lines for wear and tear and carry spares
  9. Don't keep oily or fuel-soaked rags onboard
  10. Keep spare fuel in a tightly capped, secure container

Refuelling safely - video transcript

Download the vessel refuelling safety checklist in PDF and Word form below:

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More information about boat fire safety is available on this website: