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Shipshape: Boating Safety News - October 2018

  • Lessons Learnt: Lake placid, then perilous
  • Nav aid hit: Remember to stay alert
  • Prepare your boat for summer
  • Fielding boating safety queries

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - July 2018

  • Lessons Learnt: Radio rescues
  • Safety Alert - Fuel tanks
  • Sharing boating safety advice with showgoers
  • Better prepared with marine emergency drills

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - May 2018

  • Lessons Learnt: Hidden hazards on a calm day
  • Jet ski hoons under intense scrutiny
  • Bar crossing warning for paddlers
  • Emergency beacons up for grabs
  • Annual report released

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - February 2018

  • Lessons Learnt: Oh buoy, I'm in trouble
  • RECALL: Lifejacket batch fails testing
  • Boaters need to expect the unexpected
  • Trial exemption: Low-powered kayaks
  • Trawler runs aground
  • New direction for MSV

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - December 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: How a routine commute led to capsize
  • Changes to laws about children operating PWCs
  • Safety Alert: Vessel overloading and stability
  • Identifying boaters most at risk
  • Stop to check your gear's in working order
  • Rescue agencies honoured with ceremony
  • Boating safety boost over summer

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - October 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Out of sight, out of mind
  • New emergency radio service
  • Low visibility warning
  • Survey for Victorian PWC riders

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - September 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Raising the alarm
  • Updated HMDs for Port of Melbourne waters
  • Yarra River speed limit changes
  • Boating safety education trailer on tour
  • Spring into action for snapper season

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - July 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Be safe, be seen on the water
  • The end of an era - 130 years of vessel surveys
  • Time for some TLC: Tatong lifejacket care
  • Yarra River ferry inspections
  • Coordinated rollout of GPS signage

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - June 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Explosion after refuelling
  • Partnerships for better boating safety
  • Safety education trailer parks up at Melbourne Boat Show
  • Setting the standard for training providers
  • MSV joins national environmental emergency drill
  • Have you winterised your boat?

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - May 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Trio tipped into cold water
  • Safety education push after PWC blitz
  • Come see our team at the Melbourne Boat Show
  • Sharing safety tips across the state
  • GPS signs point to degree of accuracy

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - April 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Capsize at Geelong's Grain Pier
  • PWC riders: Ride right or pay the price
  • Summer safety survey
  • Binned beacons cause false alarms
  • Paddling safety in numbers
  • Display trailer angling for safety

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - January 2017

  • Lessons Learnt: Dad shares beacon of hope
  • The Age reports on MSV paddle death findings
  • Safety authorities urge paddlers to steer clear of alcohol
  • Support our safety campaign
  • 2015-16 annual statistics released

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - December 2016

  • Gearing up for summer safety
  • Water Safety Week 2016
  • New marine licence practice test launch
  • Safe and accessible Victorian waterways consultation
  • New VicEmergency app launched
  • Operation South End hits the heads

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - October 2016

  • Lessons Learnt: Trio lost at sea
  • Talking Fishing with our man Marty
  • Top tips for boaters and a new weather app
  • Get set for the snapper season

Shipshape: Boating Safety News - September 2016

  • Lessons Learnt: Anglesea angels of the sea
  • Calling all paddlers! Want to win a PLB?
  • Free safety checks for boating community
  • Take a rain check on boating on floodwaters
  • New safety signs in time for summer