Regulation and investigation

As an independent regulator, TSV's role is to maintain public confidence in bus and maritime safety across Victoria.

We do this by targeting specific, identified safety problems to reduce incidents resulting in death and serious injury. Accordingly, compliance and enforcement activities are driven by the public interest in bus and maritime safety in Victoria and are aimed at maximising:

  1. Duty-holders' understanding of their legislative obligations
  2. Duty-holders' voluntary and consistent compliance with these obligations
  3. A positive safety culture across the bus and maritime sectors.

To minimise regulatory burden while maximising public value for regulatory resources we take a graduated approach of compliance and enforcement. This is guided by our Regulatory Approach Policy.

Boating Safety Action Plan

In 2015, Maritime Safety Victoria, in partnership with Victoria Police, produced a three-year action plan to improve Victoria's boating safety record. 

The two agencies share a common vision: that every boater should return home safely from a day on the water. And both acknowledge that to achieve zero fatalities a collaborative approach from all in our community is required. 

The aim is to reduce the number of serious incidents and, when incidents do occur, reduce the severity of injury by management of the incident within survivable levels.

Photo of a maritime safety officer

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