MSV-managed and unmanaged waterways

Maritime Safety Victoria is the waterway manager appointed for some of Victoria's waterways.

We also have some oversight for waterways in Victoria that do not have a waterway manager and where special rules have not been introduced to regulate vessel activity. General State waterway rules apply to all un-managed waterways in Victoria.

Apply for an exemption, exclusion zone or works notice 

For waterways where we are the waterway manager, or where no waterway manager is appointed, organisations or clubs can apply to us for:

  • Temporary exemptions or exclusion zones for on-water events and boating activities
  • Temporary rules for vessel navigation or movement in the vicinity of works on, over or under water.

You must use the forms listed here:

In order for us to meet the requirements under the Marine Safety Act, including assessment, government gazette and newspaper notices, we recommend you submit your application six weeks before an event.

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