Waterway managers' portal

As a waterway manager, port management body or local port manager you can apply for rules to be made for waterways under your control.

The information on this page is applicable to waterway managers, port management bodies and local port managers. It explains how to apply for rules to be made for waterways under your control, including permanent waterway rules, and emergency or urgent waterway rules.

Make a permanent waterway rule or change

To propose or amend a permanent waterway rule, the waterway manager must first complete the Notice of intention to request a waterway rule (Form WM1) DOCX, 72.1 KB.

Following acknowledgement from Maritime Safety Victoria, the waterway manager will need to:

  1. Publish notice of the proposal to request the making of the rule
  2. Conduct a minimum of 4 weeks public consultation, inviting comments from the public
  3. Consider every submission and provide a list and summary of submissions received during consultation
  4. Complete the Request to make a waterway rule (Form WM2) DOCX, 77.1 KB
  5. Submit the completed form

The waterway manager will need to explain:

  1. How the rule will minimise risks
  2. Any alternative ways to address the matter
  3. The expected benefits and costs of the proposed rule.

Submit forms to TSV

Email: waterways@transportsafety.vic.gov.au

Postal addressPO Box 2392, Melbourne VIC 3001

Make an emergency or urgent waterway rule

Requests for emergency or urgent waterway rules should be made to the Waterway Safety team: waterways@transportsafety.vic.gov.au

Request a boating activity exemption or works exclusion

Waterway managers, port management bodies and local port managers prepare and publish their own boating activity exemption declarations in newspapers, and boating activity exclusion zone and works notices in the Victoria Government Gazette.

Before publishing, a draft declaration and/or notice must be provided to us for review. This must accompany one of the following application notice forms:

We will direct the waterway manager to publish or not publish the declaration or notice.

Please contact us if you have trouble downloading any documents or if you have any specific accessibility requirements.

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