Transport regulator thanks its partners

12 July 2017

Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) has reached out to its partners in boating and bus safety compliance to thank them for their continued efforts and joint operations.

To increase its regulatory reach, TSV's Maritime Safety Branch has appointed and trained external transport safety officers (TSOs) from 16 different waterway managers.

These external TSOs have varying levels of authorisation; reflective of the risk profile that their waterways present, and the competence and capacity of the organisation.

In 2016, the Maritime Safety Branch trained and authorised 85 Fisheries personnel as TSOs. They undertake compliance inspections on recreational vessels on Victorian State waters, provide information and take enforcement action (infringement notices and prosecutions) if there is unsafe activity, or people are not complying with the law.

Maritime and Fisheries officers 

Maritime also has an ongoing excellent working relationship with Victoria Water Police; who we partner with in joint patrols, investigations, operations and safety initiatives.

TSV's Bus Safety Branch also works with Victoria Police for compliance activities.

In May, officers from TSV's Bus Safety Branch joined forces with personnel from the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police Heavy Vehicle Unit and VicRoads to conduct a compliance activity at Melbourne Airport.

Drivers were tested for drugs and alcohol and had their licence and accreditation checked, while buses and attached trailers were examined for roadworthiness.

In total 31 buses and 15 trailers passed through the check point, resulting in:

  • eight buses issued with defect notices for worn tyres, brakes and glazing
  • two buses had to be towed.

In late June, an operation with Victoria Police from Port Campbell saw 35 buses inspected over two days at the Twelve Apostles, resulting in:

  • two unaccredited operators and one unregistered operator detected (possible prosecutions to follow)
  • VicPol issued four infringement notices
  • TSV issued three infringements notices for fire extinguisher offences.

TSV thanks VicPol and VicRoads for their contributions to our education and compliance efforts across the bus industry in recent times.

VicPol and VicRoads regularly assist TSV's transport safety officers in joint operations to ensure that buses are roadworthy, the drivers appropriately licensed, and that bus operators hold the required accreditation or registration.