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Annual statistics

Responsibility for rail safety regulation in Victoria was transferred from Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) on 2 December 2019.


In 2017, Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) engaged Monash University’s Accident Research Centre to undertake an analysis of transport-related injuries for the years 2005-15.

The Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit looked at the nature, incidence and mechanism of certain transport-related injuries to patients presenting to Victorian hospitals.

Some key points from the analysis of hospital data on tram-related injuries are:

  • 60.3% of those admitted to hospital were female
  • 74.1% of those admitted were aged 60 years and over
  • Tram related injury rates increased at a rate of around 6.1% each year of the study.

The report is available to download as a PDF of accessible Word document: